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About our e-Library

The Singapore e-Library promotes reading and learning by providing an efficient, reliable and easily-accessible website and information service through our website. The purpose of this website is to allow users to borrow books at the comfort of their home, removing the need to make a trip to physical libraries, where books are also limited. The e-Library consists of books ranging from non-fiction to fiction books, as well as informational books.

To inspire reading, learning and expand knowledge

Privacy Policy
When is information collected from you?
  • When you register as a member of our e-Library or any other related services offered by us.
  • When you use any other e-Library service which requires your personal information.
  • When you submit feedback about our services.
What is the information used for?
  • To provide goods and services by the e-Library and/or our business partners to you.
  • For verification and record of your personal particulars.
  • To record statistical analysis of the users of our website including the number of users, the frequency of use, profile of users and by using such statistics, we can better improve our products and services.
  • To send you information, promotions and updates (if you sign up for our Newsletter)

Can you opt out of the Newsletter?

Whenever we send you any information for our Newsletter, we will include the steps required to unsubscribe and a link to do so. If you do not wish to receive any other News or information for our website, you can unsubscribe using the link included.

Will your personal information be shared with anyone?

We do not disclose any personal information about our uers to any third parties unless it is required by law or any government agencies. All communication whether from us or our business partners will be sent to you by us.

Terms and Conditions
Rules and Regulations
  • Members must use their own e-Library account when borrowing or renewing books.
  • Members should never disclose their personal account information to another party.
  • e-Books and e-Resources will no longer be available to the user when due. The user can either renew the e-book loan before the due date or borrow the e-book 30 days after the due date.
  • Items must be returned when recalled by the e-Library.
  • Members who fail to respond to the 3rd reminder for overdue books will be billed for the replacement cost including the administrative surcharge.
  • Duplication, circulation or any similar sort for the e-Resources are prohibited.
  • Members must ensure that their contact information are up-to-date.
Usage of any Copyrighted materials
  • All content included in this website is owned by our e-Library or the respective licensors/owners.
  • No parts or parts hereof should be reproduced, duplicated, distributed, republished or circulated in any manner or any means or stored in an information retrieval system without the permission of us.

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